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måndag 13 augusti 2012

Get Wet GirlCamp

I spent this weekend in Lomma with a bunch of other stoked girls on this awesome girl camp. We have been in the water all four days and my muscles are screaming right now :) it's so cozy.

To try Kitesurfing was most exciting. To understand how the kite works in the wind, how to control it and not be controlled by it, cuz it was very powerful. But I manage to stand up on my board and surf 6 meters several times :D so I'm very happy!

We also tried SUP "Stand Up Paddle boards". Which looks like a very boring kind of surf. But I tell you I'm surprised that I found it really fun and also relaxing :) perfect to do in the morning when the sun rises... if I just had a small summerhouse :'( *sob

We also tried wakeboarding, surfing and skating, which I have done before. In addition, we had one private yoga class, and we barbecued and stayed in an ice cream shop! So the weekend have been totally over-excited for me. And all the girls I meet were so stoked as well :D

Thanx a lot to kite.se for the camp and Malin & Sandra for arrange it all! You are Awsome!

Our great sponsor Nikita were on the spot to inspire us and hang around. Watch there cool collection on there website or watch there facebookpage :)
There will be more photos and also a video from the camp soon. Stay Stoked!

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